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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lesson Learned

Some lessons must be learned more than once, blush, yes I have often made the same mistake twice. It starts innocently as a trip to a yarn shop, where I buy one skein of something wonderful to try, I like it so then I buy more later from a different person, and by the time I get to using it, my garment has multiple dye lots. This is the front of a great pattern from Art Yarns, triangle tank, it is modular knitting. The unmatched yarn is from South West Trading Company, 100% bamboo, really nice and I expect it to only get nicer, softer with washings. Notice the top band is a tad bit darker, yep different dye lot, but this pattern uses my ooops to it's best advantage, wink wink.

Thanks ladies for the lovely comments on my doily, and yes it is still in progress, last round is better than half way around. The thread is a sewing machine decorative thread, sulky size 30 blendables, cotton and tats like the DMC 50.


Blogger Hope said...

Gail.. please tell me about this pattern- It looks the type I would wear. I knit very seldom... but have 1 yarn mucho lovely that needs to be worked up... this is something that I would wear I think- even here in Tucson...

Hope Green

11:28 AM  

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