Glow Tats

This is a journal of my tatting and other needlework adventures. Oh the picture isn't me, it is my fairy me, the me that can fly off in to the woods, forget all my troubles and tat pretty lace all day

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Too Lefty

The TAT 2 button sampler is finally done with all buttons on the top and every flower in the right place. I struggled with this one and it is my left handed tatting to blame. I'm not sure why Grandma didn't just teach me right handed tatting, but forty years later I'm not going to change, the hands barely tolerate the tatting at all with the arthritis. Shuttle in left hand I make my way through patterns usually with little thought, visualizing the pattern flipped mentally, rarely needing to make any alterations as most tatting is symetrical. This little sampler surprised me but I eventually won the battle.


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