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This is a journal of my tatting and other needlework adventures. Oh the picture isn't me, it is my fairy me, the me that can fly off in to the woods, forget all my troubles and tat pretty lace all day

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spiral Scarf

I have just created my first knitting pattern and wrote it all out nice to be sold. This is a step into new territory for me, I've never actually sold a pattern. Well I still haven't officially sold one yet, but my fingers are crossed. These are a silly fun knit, a goofy corkscrew of a scarf, the one in sock yarn could be so much fun with all the self-striping sock yarns available, and the lacey one in mohair is more of a dressy poof with character.


Blogger Tattycat said...

Very interesting Gail! I love to knit. I might have to be a customer for that pattern!

10:41 PM  

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