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This is a journal of my tatting and other needlework adventures. Oh the picture isn't me, it is my fairy me, the me that can fly off in to the woods, forget all my troubles and tat pretty lace all day

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Dang, it was sure hard to get into my blog today, they made upgrade to the new blogger. Hope there aren't too many changes to learn, I'm in the mood for keep it simple this week. Life seems too complicated, don't want the blog thing to be another brain drain. My drain today was to figure out how to load the pictures from my new cell phone to my computer and now to the blog. OK here goes. WooHoo My brain is so proud of itself, hehe. These gauntlets are knitted in wool, silk and are my first beaded knitting. Jeannette made fun of them as I was knitting #1 and before I could finish #2 she had claimed them as hers. They do look better on her long thin young wrists. They suit her style.


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