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This is a journal of my tatting and other needlework adventures. Oh the picture isn't me, it is my fairy me, the me that can fly off in to the woods, forget all my troubles and tat pretty lace all day

Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Socks

Snow has been on the ground now for several weeks, so much snow it is in mounds everywhere and ice that it is hard to get the car up and out of the garage without bumping the van top on the garage door. A good case of cabin fever is the result. Stuck inside, I've done a set of socks in record time, for me that is. These are in a cotton wool mix, lana grossa, much softer than sockotta. The stitch is a lacey ribbing, simple and fun. I don't like to do socks in a complicated pattern, they are the knitting I like to drag around to chat and knit events. A complicated pattern makes for either not chatting, or to much unknitting later. These are a gift to my youngest, Jeannette, who will be 22 next week. She likes to wear dress pants, gray or black, wide at the bottom, with pin stripes, these should go well with her neutral colored wardrobe.


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